Three Essential Keys to Being Inspired and Building Your Core Strength

It is not always guaranteed, and certainly not a quick fix, but many people have seen their back pain gradually disappear after practising kx Pilates dee why. I’m going to take a short cut right through the middle of Innerwealth teachings, to abbreviate and demonstrate how you can choose to live inspired anytime you are ready.

Inside you is a core strength, both physical and mental. While you think your way through life, you can never know your core strength, we always feel insecure around thinking, that’s why we talk so much.

When you get close to a person who is in touch with their core strength, they exhibit incredible presence. People like Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and even “itsi bitsie” little Mother Teresa now departed all had amazing presence.

You want to get in contact with your core strength too, it requires a minimum of two out three attentions:

1. Balance
2. Centred
3. At Ease
4. Balance

Balance is about your intent.

When you make a stand you can make it from emotion, from your head or you can make it from your fantasy, but you can’t make a stand with a balanced mind. So, core strength comes from mental balace because in this powerful place you are neither weakened by infatuation or resentment, you simply come from your heart, your truth. This is the only way to proceed in life not affected by rejection, not diverted by acceptance and not trapped by the crazy notions of your mind.. Mind control is not holding a thought, it’s about balancing your thoughts, and then your mind comes to balance, and you can tap where the real power is – Inspiration. All the world thinks it thinks but really, until you balance a thought, it’s just rhetoric.

2. Centred

All martial arts, yoga, meditation, and tai chi, (including qigong) are based around the practice of becoming centred in your physical body in an area called, in Japan, the Hara… and it’s located just below your navel above the top of the pubis. This area is believed to be the real centre of your body, and is in stark contrast to the typical center of a persons universe which is typically above their shoulders, (for some blokes it’s below the hara) but lets not go there. If you are centred in your hara you feel the physical power of your total being and that power becomes a focal point of confidence and strength for both mental and physical activity. When we get up in our head, we live in our head and there is nothing but intelligence and thinking in our head… that’s never safe. So, core strength can also come from powerful insight and awareness of the Hara (in Yoga called udiana bandha)

3. At Ease

When we say to people “be calm” many take this literally and slop down slothfully and let their whole body slump. That’s not ease or calm, it’s extremely stressful on all the organs, mind, hara, energy and life force. The most slothful and “becalmed” people, die very young. But, at ease is also not a false state of coma induced by candles, sweet music and incense like some yoga and meditation people will have you believe. No, that’s purely physical and external and has a complete negative affect on core strength. All meditation is done under complete tension. Nerve tension… where muscle tension is released by nerve tension is intensified… To be at ease internally either the mind must be in balance or the body centred, and from this place you can begin. To be at ease internally means to TRUST life. What can you trust? If you trust a God or Idol, you’re just having faith, guessing and that is very frightening and disempowering. Leaders and groups like it when you have unprovable faith because then they control you, and your core strength is weak. Trust comes from the spirit and the spirit will not trust the future, nor have certainty inspired about the future while doubt exists. To eliminate doubt, one must embrace it.

Doubt and core strength are not enemies. Doubt takes you deeper to your core strength. If you do not embrace doubt, then you can only think, and then thinking keeps you from balance and hence you are left with no other route to core strength than physical. However, ease is the second partner of either balance or centeredness for core strength and there can be no ease while doubt is in control.

We have spoken many times about doubt. We know that, for example, options help lower the unsettling effects of doubt. This balances the mind by raising it from desperation. But this is not enough. We must move each journey into the pit of doubt back to certainty by simply unlearning the evidence that makes the ego so strong. You see, all doubt comes from the ego, and all certainty comes from beyond it.

Our ego lives in the world of laws created by humankind for safety, justice, humanity and self-protection and therefore our ego is invested in compliance, not certainty. We however do need certainty to overcome the doubts of the ego whenever they appear. Each time a doubt comes to us, we can either grow through it, or just walk around pissed off, being rigid, attacking or defending our territory…

Instead of reinforcing the ego in the face of doubt, we need to plunge through it. And for this I have shared Nature’s Laws…. nobody screwed with them, they are free, they are the same family to family, culture to culture, city and country to country. That’s why, you can find certainty only beyond the rhetoric of man made thinking. This is the simple realm of spirituality, or, more easily put, transparency of ego thinking….

Choose two out of three, one of which must be Ease.

  1. Balance (mind)
  2. Centred (Body)
  3. At Ease (Spirit)

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