A Guide to the Importance of Your Harley Davidson Shoes and Boots

The following may be the most important article you read concerning the comfort and safety of your feet when riding a motorcycle. Buying UGG boots outlet online means it is safe for you guys.

Harley-Davidson Shoes and Boots can be the least considered piece of protective equipment that a new or experienced motorcycle rider wears. Usually, motorcycle riding boots are an afterthought. Some riders may even choose to wear sneakers! You will need to face the fact that any old shoe will not protect your feet like a motorcycle boot is engineered to. Most shoes will not have the thin toe that you need to get under the shifter, and steel-toed boots will likely be too thick to get under the shifter. Proper motorcycle boots are made to hold up to the stresses you put your feet through when riding a motorcycle, such as sudden stops, leaning and taking corners low enough where you may scrape your peg and boot.

Finding the right pair of boots to ride a motorcycle is very important for your comfort, as well as for your safety. As it has been said many times before – dress for the crash, not for the ride. A good pair of motorcycle boots should protect you AND be comfortable.

Here are some things to look for when shopping for a new pair of motorcycle boots:

Tip 1:
You should first decide on the type of motorcycle boot you want, or need;

  • There are standard motorcycle boots which cover the ankle and are usually reinforced. These will provide protection from exhaust heat and you can wear these off the bike when not riding.
  • Then there are racing boots made specifically for racing. These can be difficult to walk in as they are heavily armored over the impact areas.
  • Short boots are another choice. Because they are short, they provide less protection from exhaust heat but can be comfortable to wear when not riding.
  • If you are inclined to choose motorcycle shoes, be advised that they can be reinforced, but will likely provide little protection. They may be comfortable, but not necessarily the best motorcycle riding boots out there.

The most important thing to remember here is that you can choose a boot that fits your style, but more importantly, you should choose a boot that fits your foot properly. Just like when you purchase any other shoe, make sure it’s not too tight or your foot is not sliding around inside the boot when you’re walking.

Tip 2:
Get a pair of motorcycle boots with reinforced shifter pads. This is a great feature to have that will be more comfortable for your feet, and make the boots last longer.

Tip 3:
Ensure that the heal and sole are top quality and are properly reinforced. A good heal will give you stability and grip in all types of weather which is a major consideration when coming to a stop in the rain, or on oil. The impact areas should be armored, and good quality motorcycle riding boots have Kevlar inserts around the ankle, heal and calf. The importance of proper protection cannot be stressed enough!

Tip 4:
Motorcycle boots should be made of leather. For extra breathability some motorcycle boots have ventilation areas made of Gortex which will insulate you from the heat generated from your bike and protect your feet in the rain. Also consider that your motorcycle riding boots are well ventilated for the summer months. You should undoubtedly also choose motorcycle boots that are water resistant. It is much more enjoyable to ride when you have dry and well protected feet in a great pair of motorcycle riding boots.

Tip 5:
You should also look for extra features when purchasing your Harley-Davidson Shoes or Boots such as; removable and replaceable pads for your shift foot, reflective safety strips, the ability for the boot to be adjusted snugly around the ankle and leg which will stabilize your foot and ankle. Another item that should definitely be considered is the closing mechanism that the boot uses – is it Velcro, zipper, straps or laces? Good quality motorcycle boots have a system to keep loose material away from the moving parts on your motorcycle.

When you get a pair of motorcycle boots, don’t ride without them! In addition to being comfortable, they are necessary in protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs from trauma that can be caused by the road, driving, flying debris, and quick stops.

When you’re ready to buy a great pair of motorcycle boots, check out some online merchants. They should list all the important information about the motorcycle boots you’re interested in, as well as providing for exchanges should the boots not fit correctly. Have a safe ride!

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